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Charitable payments towards debts


Charitable payments towards debts are available from various charities, trusts and organisations.

A charitable grant or payment, unlike a loan, doesn’t have to be repaid. 

Each charity or organisation normally has eligibility criteria for awards and an application process that you need to go through.

There are hundreds of grant giving organisations. A good place to start looking is the Turn2Us website. The Guide to Grants for Individuals in Need handbook is updated yearly and has details for hundreds of grant giving trusts and charities around the UK. Your debt adviser should have a copy. 

Many energy and water companies have set up trust funds that can help with water and energy debt. Contact your energy and/or water company to find out if they can help.

Some charities can help people in particular circumstances (e.g. illness or disability) or may help people from particular professions (armed forces, horticulture, civil service etc).

Before applying for charitable payments towards debts, remember that most grant giving charities will want you to be dealing with your debt problems before making an award. So before you apply, make sure you are working with a debt advice service to improve your finances and overall budget. You will have more chance of making a successful application if you can show you can be sustainable with your finances and bill payments moving forward.

Talk to a debt help provider about charitable payments towards debts. You can find a suitable debt help provider at