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Free debt advice


If you are having difficulties with debt, then getting free, independent and expert debt advice should be your first point of action

Free , independent and expert debt advice is available from a range of providers. 

A debt adviser can help you to:

- Maximise your income including help with benefits you may be entitled to

- Deal with emergencies, such as threats of eviction or repossession, court or enforcement action 

- Put a hold on action and arrange temporary payment plans with creditors whilst you get help with your debts 

- Understand your ‘priority debts’ 

- Work out your budget and draw up a financial statement

- Plan a course of action for both ‘priority debts’ and ‘non-priority debts’ 

- Check liability for debts and any limitations on their enforcement

- Liaise with creditors on your behalf 

- Negotiate agreements on debt repayment with creditors

- Look at debt options such as writing off your debt, charitable payments towards debts and offers in full and final settlement

- Advise if debt options such as DMP’s, IVA’s, DRO’s, AO’s, bankruptcy or consolidation loan are right for you

- Access self-help debt tools

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