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Debt Management Plan (DMP)


If you are struggling to pay debts like credit cards, loans, store cards or catalogues then a debt-management plan (DMP) might be a debt help option to consider.

A DMP is an affordable repayment plan managed by an independent debt-management service, who will help you to work out what you can afford to pay each month.

With a DMP, you pay an agreed amount to the debt-management service each month and they pay your money to your creditors for you. Always ensure you access a FREE debt management plan so that everything you pay goes towards paying off your debts (we only feature free DMP providers on

To qualify for a DMP, you must:

- only be able to afford to pay creditors a small amount each month

- have at least two or more debts with either the same or different creditors

- have some available income each month after you have paid all your normal household bills 

A DMP is a good option for people who can afford to make regular payments to their creditors. 

FREE debt management plans are available from various debt help providers. You can find them easily on